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#ReviveLiveMKE Live Stream Series

Live Interactive Virtual Magic!
Ben Seidman:

Camera Tricks

Friday, June 19
Saturday, June 20
Sunday, June 21
» Stream Starts at 7pm

» RSVP on Facebook


Prepare to be amazed and entertained with an all-new kind of live interactive entertainment, designed for you and your family to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, with the convenience and ease of Zoom.

Get ready to have your minds blown during this fully interactive hour, packed with a unique blend of psychological magic, clever comedy, and artful sleight of hand, led by one of today’s hottest talents, Ben Seidman, in Camera Tricks.

Fresh off of Netflix’s Brainchild and Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, Ben Seidman is sweeping the nation, entertaining all with his, “How did he do that?!” magic and knockout sense of humor.

With a limited capacity of only 40 passes per performance, get your tickets today before they sell out! Whether you choose to enjoy the show solo or share the fun with the whole family, each pass allows viewing on one device.

Creative, playful, hilarious, and entirely interactive, Seidman brings his astounding magic to you at home in a show that inspires awe and sparks laughter. Camera Tricks is live interactive virtual magic at its best; a one-of-a-kind, uniquely memorable magic experience for all ages.


How It Works

1. Download Zoom in advance of the event. Heck, might as 
well download it now: zoom.us

2. Join us when the “doors” to the waiting room open 15 
minutes before the event’s start time. We’ll get you all checked in for the event at this time.

3. You will be allowed entry once the performance is ready 
to begin. Your video will be live, but your microphone will be muted to begin. You may be unmuted at times throughout the show to engage with Ben.

4. Enjoy the show!



Not Available Online

Ticket Prices

Tickets $37.50
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